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Tips to Prevent Fire and Keep Yourself Safe


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Tips to Prevent Fire and Keep Yourself Safe

Post by allenmay on Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:52 am

A fire break out can be really devastating, here are some simple tips you could follow to keep yourself and your home out of harm’s way :

Heating system : Check whether your heating system is functioning properly by having it serviced annually and by avoiding using extension cords. If you have a fireplace or a stove keep the chimney clean by removing debris like fallen leaves
Electrical System : Avoid overloading circuits and discard damaged appliances safely by recycling it. Insure that the appliances have ample space in your room to avoid overheating.
Fully Charged Fire Extinguishers : Fully charged fire extinguishers should be readily available at all times anywhere.
Working Smoke Detectors : Have working smoke detectors in every level of your home.Make it a habit to change the batteries at least twice a year.  
Fire Escape Plan:  Probably the most important tip in this list. Prepare your family at all times and have a fire escape plan.Have a meeting place outside your home and instruct your children on how to call for help on outside.

Here is a blog from protection plus security solutions that mentions some tips on how to prevent fire and keep yourself safe .  

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