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Edged weapon attackers:


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Edged weapon attackers: Empty Edged weapon attackers:

Post by Admin on Wed May 28, 2014 10:34 am

There are 3 broad categories of edged weapon attackers:
1). Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDP): this group often uses edged weapons when their coping skills have become overwhelmed. Often the edged weapon (knife, scissors, screw-driver, etc.) is within their ‘reach radius’ when their anger is peaking. EDP covers a full spectrum of social, behavioral and cognitive problems – the point to remember is that (generally) this group has little training in the use of edged weapons.
The homeless EDP will sometimes brandish an edged weapon/tool as a signal to you that their territory has been crossed into...and that they will defend it. In most cases if you leave the area you will be fine.
Drugs and alcohol are often also a factor.
Example: the EDP who has a Samurai sword (Katana) and confronts police but has no formal training in Kendo or Kenjitsu - he is using the sword not because he possess a level of skill with it (and even if he did it is still a poor choice of weapon given the context) but because it symbolizes something to him; it has taken on an expression of power/control which now is a manifestation of his act.
2). Criminals: this group uses edged weapons as a ‘tool’ in their chosen profession. Often they use knives to make a point: I am ready to do harm to you if you do not comply with what I am telling you to do. Rapists will often produce a knife so that the victim will become even more overwhelmed emotionally.
This category is a little harder to assess: some criminals have spent very little time practicing with edged weapons, but some (outlaw motorcycle clubs and prison gangs) have taken the time and effort to not only practice but to also study (books on anatomy) so that they have a level of skill which would be hard for the average person to defend against.
Example: Altamont and Laughlin River Run Riot come to mind as good examples of this second category.
3). Trained personnel: by far this is the most dangerous group. Military, societies were individuals still use edged weapons on a daily basis (i.e. using machetes to cut sugar cane) martial artists (Arnis/Escrima/Kali and Pentjak Silat are the most devastating arts I have seen). You have very few options if you are confronted by someone who fits into this category.
Example: The use of the kukri by Gurkha troops is legendary (and is an example of a group that fits into military/martial art/tool usage).
Of course there is the possibility that a single person could fit into all three categories...
Three things you can do to defend against an edged weapons attacker: in this situation you have no access to a weapon yourself and you know that an attack is coming.
(D)istance: will give you time to try to escape or assess your options. If you can run then run - you are not a coward...your goal should be to distance yourself from your attacker.
(I)mprovisation: even picking up a broom and thrusting it into your attacker’s eyes can help you gain time and distance; throw your cup of hot coffee in his face to temporarily blind him; remember that your goal should be to neutralize the advantage your attacker has – not to ‘duel’ with him.
(S)afety: try to get to a safe situation I read about a man in a park ran and climbed a tree that was next to a housing area; once in the tree he started yelling and the police were quickly called.
DISing your attacker in this context is what you want to do.


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Edged weapon attackers: Empty Re: Edged weapon attackers:

Post by BryanM35 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:08 am

I agree, these three categories you mentioned above are the edged weapon attackers. I am thinking that is there any way to get EDP and Drugs and alcoholic peoples out of these criminal acts.  

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