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Post Orders (PO's)


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Post Orders (PO's) Empty Post Orders (PO's)

Post by StevenWS on Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:55 am

Post Orders (PO's) contain specific procedures that Security Officers (S/O's) are required to follow when performing duties/responsibilities or responding to an incident on post.
Often contract security companies have a template for PO's that can be adapted for your site; but it is the responsibility of the company to make sure that PO's are tailored to their site. This should be done in conjunction with a Security Vulnerability Analysis (SVA) that is done by your security manager.
Remember: Post in this context means your company (!)
All PO's should contain the following:
1). General Responsibilities
2). Security Policies and Procedures
3). General Responsibilities and Performance Expectations
4). Post Duties/Patrol Focus (day, swing and graveyard shift)
5). Security and Life Safety Systems
6). Reports, Forms and Logs
7). Building/Property/Critical Systems Overview
8). Emergency Procedures, “Call Tree” and Emergency Contact List
9). Pass-On Log
10). Duty Limitations
11). Special Orders
S/O’s assigned to a post for the first time will read and acknowledge by signing the Post Order Signature Sheet (POSS) that they will:
Read the PO's related to the assigned post before assuming the post for the first time;
Will read any changes to a post to which they are assigned;
Have reviewed the pass-down for a post each time they are reassigned to the same post they have worked before - in order to identify changes to the post since the last time they were assigned to the post.
You should review your PO's when:

  • Your company grows or merges with another company

  • Your company relocates

  • Your company adds new buildings to your campus

  • Your company shifts/adapts to a new business model

  • Your company needs to address internal/external threats

Just an observation: you can often tell how closely PO's are followed by the condition you find them in: dust covered PO's; lost PO's; PO's that have a POSS list of S/O's that have left the site months or even years ago; PO's used to prop doors open (yes, I found this once!) - all are a hint on how important a security department takes the overall security function.

Steven WS

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Post Orders (PO's) Empty Re: Post Orders (PO's)

Post by DavidJ on Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:57 am

How about from the management side. Post orders that have not be updated or at least not in a professional business like manner. Nothing shouts "this is a joke" like poorly maintained post orders.

With computers and digital document management just how difficult is it to bring up a page of a document, make amendments, print it and exchange that page in the Post Orders. Penned in amendments and sticky notes......really?

A large global security company and a very prestigious account site. Better management attention is deserved.

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Post Orders (PO's) Empty Re: Post Orders (PO's)

Post by BryanM35 on Mon Jun 15, 2015 3:21 am

Post orders management is very essential for maintain organization's order management. You can easily place orders to guards from desk in real time.

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Post Orders (PO's) Empty Re: Post Orders (PO's)

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