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Protecting yourself - ideas!!


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Protecting yourself - ideas!! Empty Protecting yourself - ideas!!

Post by RoneyJose on Thu Aug 25, 2016 9:31 pm

I always think it is a bit difficult to do the job without a proper safety measure. We can't say when the attack may occur. We need to be prepared for anything at any time. We had a dress code even, we can't guard them with wearing helmets. While I was thinking of it, something popped up in my mind, I have seen something called Ball Cap Liner from the Spark Innovation Portal, I thought it would be good to wear a fully covered cap liner for protection.

What you people think? Isn't it a cool idea?
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Protecting yourself - ideas!! Empty Re: Protecting yourself - ideas!!

Post by DavidJ on Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:29 am

Kitchener Ontario at a Walmart - security guard is stabbed in are by theft suspect. Suspect arrested by police. Weapon recovered along with CD's.

Stabbed over stupid CD's.

Although I don't know the complete story for Kitchener, here in Hamilton, ON, Walmart has done away with their own greeters and contracted out for security guards to be at there doors. Not trying to be purposefully disparaging, the guards I have seen at local Walmarts are, to say the least, sad looking. Ill fitting uniforms, running shoes, no use of force tools, no vest, physically unfit - I think I've painted the picture.

These security guards are obviously new and need a job. I am no trying to slam them! It is the customer, in this case Walmart and the security company that are putting persons at risk. Placing unseasoned staff with likely no real training, paid minimum wage and certainly no protection options, in situations that are bound to result in situations.

This is yet another reason why I am not impressed with the structure of contract security in Ontario. It is also why I cringe when I here attempts for security companies trying to step into the quasi policing aspect. Out of Ontario things might be better. Here, it is absurd!

David J

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Protecting yourself - ideas!! Empty Re: Protecting yourself - ideas!!

Post by RavingLoonatik on Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:45 pm

DavidJ - Your description of rent-a-guards at WalMart stores doesn't seem too different from what I've seen in Calgary.  I'm not sure if it's a nation-wide contract or if they're going with local jobbies, I haven't paid enough attention to them.  But your'e right, they're sad looking and I'm sure it would take little effort for someone to out run them.

RoneyJose - I have yet to work a security job without some form of body armour.  The malls I've worked at have issued different styles (interior and exterior) and classes (plastic stab, all the way up to Level 3A ballistic with ceramic plates) over the years, but I've never heard to head protection, other than hard hats, helmets and bump caps.  I even had to wear a cowboy hat at one of my jobs (#thegreatestoutdoorshowonearth).  Stab armour for the noggin does sound quite interesting and if wearing a ball cap or other headgear is part of your standard equipment, then it might be something you could look into, and maybe post a review to the group.

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